7 thoughts on “magic time”

    1. Oh, Laurie, it sounds so enchanting, the kind of place that pictures cannot completely capture, but only give a small sample of the beauty and mood… Hope I find myself in the Scottish Highlands some day!

  1. I just saw Laurie’s comment. I was reminded of the Highlands of Scotland too. My first time there I thought and felt, “Home.”

    1. I think I know that “Home” feeling, too, Robin…

      I got it when I walked into the stave church at the Norway pavilion at EPCOT, of all places. I stayed in there a long time, wondering at it… Also when reading Sigrid Undset’s books.

      As Ché Guevara once wondered, “How is it possible to feel nostalgia for a world I never knew?”

  2. Beautiful picture! It definitely paints thousands of thoughts, dreams. I have been to the place very much like in the pic, during that silent evening asking questions to myself while the answers were flowing with the wind. when I could see the far away church and listen to the church bill ring. Simply Amazing! (in my dreams) 🙂

    1. There is something amazing and magical about the chiming of church bells and the changing sounds of the blowing wind. It does make us pause and think about all those questions with no certain answer, but sometimes we transcend needing all the answers and simply feel connected to everything and everyone, even while “alone.” I’m happy you enjoyed the image, Sonali!

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