do the funky duck

“Do the Funky Duck” © Val Erde

Val Erde, an artist who plays with words and images at Art By Val Erde, gave her readers, including me, a lovely gift yesterday! Permission to use one of her paintings on our blogs or computers. I love the colors! And I think I see two water birds and a woman swimming in a wondrous dream…

Yesterday I spent most of the day rearranging furniture in the living room. Spring fever and inspiration from the book Living With Light: Decorating the Scandinavian Way by Gail Abbott & Mark Scott were the motivating factors. Too many books and bookcases! My muscles ache and I’ve got a migraine brewing (too many triggers) but I hope to finish the project today. Paring down… Fewer books, more open space…

Scrabble is down for maintenance on Facebook…

So, I’m off to visit a couple more blogs, pop a Zomig, roll up my sleeves, and begin again!

10 thoughts on “do the funky duck”

  1. Many thanks for this, Barbara. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.
    Feel better soon, and I look forward to seeing pics of the new furniture arrangements sometime.

    1. It was my pleasure, Val! 🙂

      Zomig, ibuprofen and a cup of coffee took care of the migraine, but left me a little sluggish. Spent the day sorting books – it’s feeling very good to purge and lighten the visual load. Passing on far more than I’m keeping… But I think this project may not be done until the weekend – underestimated the time and energy required! No turning back now!

      Will try and remember to take some pictures!

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