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  1. Beautifully stated. Though there have been plenty of artists throughout the ages who conform to the opposite, tending towards madness, melancholia and massive breakdowns! Certainly much to ponder this afternoon in those few words of Greene’s however….many thanks, Barbara.

    1. Good point, Julian! Picasso and Hemingway come to mind. Just because something is good therapy for some, or even most people, doesn’t mean it is helpful to everyone. I can’t remember where, but there was a discussion on someone’s blog about art and pain. An artist had been quoted saying that she painted to take her mind off of her pain. And I remembered how Frida Kahlo once said she painted to express her pain. It would seem creating serves differing purposes for each individual.

  2. This is sooo true, how would I have made it through this life, through the last three years of my life, how would I make it through an hour, a week, a year. When I am teaching I see it my students too, the ones with so little have so much to say it comes out in their art, how could they survive inner city poverty hell without it?

    1. You made me think of the movie “Freedom Writers” – have you seen it? It’s such a basic human need, to be seen and heard and miracles happen when children are encouraged to express themselves without fear of judgment, as no doubt you’ve experienced with your students.

      And, Meg, you express yourself so beautifully in your own writing.

  3. I’m pretty sure writing and photography are what keep me sane. Or close to sane. 🙂

    Great quote and you really paired it well with that image.

  4. Unfortunately, when I’m depressed I’m quite unable to create. I can write in my (paper) diary, but it’s then usually just about how depressed or ill I feel!

    I love that painting. Your choices here are brilliant!

    1. Thank you, Val! I love that painting, too – there aren’t too many of children writing…

      I guess like antidepressants don’t help everyone with depression, creating doesn’t help everyone either. I often fall back on my greenhouse and garden theory of human living – just as plants need different amounts of humidity, water, sunlight, and different soil conditions, humans need different things to flourish. Which is why I so strongly believe that there is no one right way to raise a child, treat depression, etc.

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