Galápagos Islands

Image: National Georaphic
Image: National Geographic

Doesn’t this look like fun?

Last week a travel catalog came in the mail – not sure how we got on their mailing list – a copy of National Geographic Expeditions for 2011. It’s fun to dream and fantasize… And we did find an expedition cruise we thought we’d both enjoy! As Grandmother used to say, with a twinkle in her eye, you never know just which dreams might come true.

Tim has always loved turtles. Before Walt Disney World in Florida had Animal Kingdom, they had a little place called Discovery Island. For our 20th anniversary we visited it and I have fond memories of Tim lying on his stomach photographing the Galápagos turtles interacting with each other. Interacting very slowly, but Tim has infinite patience and he got some great pictures.

Well, National Geographic has an expedition called “Galápagos Family Odyssey.” It seems about our speed, ten slow-paced days exploring and mingling with the wildlife on several of the Galápagos Islands. “Gaze into the old eyes of a giant sea tortoise…” And I’d love to see courtship dance of the indigenous blue-footed boobies!

Galápagos dreams in January…

And speaking of anniversaries…

Happy 8th Anniversary, Nate & Shea!!!


10 thoughts on “Galápagos Islands”

  1. Sounds like an amazing trip! I hope you and hubby are able to have the chance to go somewhere wonderful. I keep hoping to be able to take my family someplace wonderful before the girls leave for college in a few years, but this little thing called “life” seems to keep getting in the way!

    1. So well acquainted with that little thing called life! It often seems to be a toss-up between having many smaller trips or saving up time and resources for one big trip. I hope you are able to take your family someplace special, too. You never know…

  2. Wow, that’d be amazing, if you go on that holiday…. can you get a video camera maybe and take some ‘film’ (or whatever it’s called these days) of the blue boobies and the turtles?

    I’m with you with the turtley people, but I prefer tortoises. Maybe it’s cos I don’t like getting my feet wet!

    1. Borrowing a video camera would be a great idea! (After paying for such an expensive trip we might need to do a lot of borrowing, for lack of funds…)

      Look what I just learned about turtles and tortoises from Wikipedia:
      *British English normally describes these reptiles as turtles if they live in the sea; terrapins if they live in fresh or brackish water; or tortoises if they live on land.
      *American English tends to use the word turtle as a general term for all species.
      *Australian English uses turtle for both the marine and freshwater species, but tortoise for the terrestrial species.

      1. Ah, so turtles are sometimes interchangeable with tortoises! I had tortoises as pets, when I was a kid. Hard to be allergic to a tortoise (impatient with one, yes, but not allergic to it!)

          1. They were about eight – ten inches long. They’re quite easy to keep in the summer but they hibernate in the winter and it’s actually quite difficult to keep them alive unless their environment is right. None of mine ever survived hibernation, unfortunately. Here in the UK now, tortoises can only be kept by people if they have a licence, I’m not sure they’re even sold to ‘ordinary’ people.

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