winter wren

I’ve been meaning to post this video since November 12, when I found it on Val’s blog. All the excitement of Thanksgiving made me forget about it! Watch what the wren does with the little caterpillar! It’s from a website called The Music of Nature. If Janet, Nancy or Ellie is reading this, you can go to the website and the featured video is of the Eastern Towhee, which one of you identified for me as the bird with the “drink your tea” song. Now I can picture it better!

Scrambling around here – Auntie is getting a hospital bed delivered tomorrow and is very impatient to get her old bed and some other furniture out of her cottage. She had a freak out while we were in Virginia and spent a few days with Beverly & John and Dad. She’s back home now and soon will be set up with a professional companion-homemaker for regular help. In case she needs to be with people again, they’re setting up a room for her at Dad’s, and furniture is once again on the move between households. Hope the dust settles by Saturday because the kids are coming over to decorate a tree and we better have one by then!

This is my first holiday season at WordPress and I love the little falling snowflakes feature! I love snow, but today we’re having a big wind and rain storm. Temperatures will be dropping sharply tomorrow… Nice to be cozy and tucked inside…

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  1. Barbara,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful bird song video! I know we have Wrens here, usually don’t see or hear them much, we do have chic-a- dee’s flitting about in the trees and bushes.

    You seem to have you hands full with being a caregiver these days… I will send you Reiki for energy and healing!

    I am Love, Jeff

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the video, Jeff. 🙂 Chickadees are my favorite birds, besides mourning doves. Thank you for the Reiki, it helps and means a lot to me!

  2. I’m so glad you’ve reposted this video! I have watched it so many time, the caterpillar ‘episode’ just cracks me up!

    Yes, definitely nice to be cosy inside. We’ve currently got snow and it’s horrible out!

    I hope your aunt finds a good carer/companion. It’s especially difficult in the winter when one’s ill.

    1. Me, too! But Tim felt sorry for the caterpillar and thought the wren was heartless… Sounds like Europe is getting slammed with snowstorms and blizzards! Fun if you don’t have to go anywhere… Auntie seems happy with her homemaker – keeping our fingers crossed.

  3. Thanks Barbara, I love seeing the wren sing so close up, and was quite surprised that the caterpillar survived. Our cats also loved your bird song video!
    Take good care.

    1. Perhaps your cats would enjoy some of the other videos on the website, Cait! Might stir up some fond memories of spring and summer for them. 🙂 Hope you’re tucked in and snuggled for the winter!

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