full moon flood

Six inches of rain for us from this storm! Connecticut is having its worst flooding since 1982. We live at one end of a road that cuts between two salt ponds. Our son and daughter-in-law live a mile down at the other end of this road. (Shea took the first picture from her end. I took the rest of the pictures from our end, which is just around the bend in Shea’s picture.)

We both live up on relatively high ground so we’re safe and sound. The white high water mark pole in the second picture is to measure storm surges in case we ever get a hurricane again as bad as the one in 1938. We’ve been instructed that we would need to evacuate if a category 3 or higher hurricane were ever to make its way here. What an exciting day it has been!

My daughter-in-law Shea wrote on Facebook:

OK just got back from rescuing my sister from work… She had to walk through water above her knees in order to get to us.. Got home and found out that the National Guard has all three ways to get to my house blocked… One of them was nice enough to move the road block so I could drive through the bumper high water… GO JEEP!!!!!

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  1. I hear ya! My toilet keeps gurgling and I’m very afraid I’m going to come home to the Charles River in my bathroom. It’s already flooding a few towns over . . . Where can a girl hail an ark around here?

  2. Oh my goodness, Barbara! Have just been hearing about the flooding out East. Hope all of your family stays safe away from the rising rivers. (Maybe not the best time to write a blog about “flowing”! LOL…)

  3. Thanks, Kathy. We’re all safe and sound. It looks like Rhode Island got the worst of it! I ventured out to the post office yesterday… there are basically three possible routes to get there from our neighborhood. Two of them were still flooded and the traffic on the third was much heavier than normal.

    Hope you locate a good ark there, Tracy! Lots of rivers up there and no doubt some of them haven’t crested yet! 🙂 Stay high and dry!

    1. Yes, the rain has stopped. Apparently we got 6-9 inches in our area from the storm. The drawbridge connecting Stonington and Groton in Mystic was damaged and is still closed, so rerouted traffic is still a big problem. My son and I took a walk in the woods Thursday and it was a squishy muddy trek because the ground is so saturated. Bet we’ll have a bumper crop of mosquitoes!

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