Jonathan Brewster & Lucretia Oldham

1.27.20 ~ Brewster monument, Brewster’s Neck Cemetery,
Preston, Connecticut

In 1646, New London was settled by colonists from Massachusetts. The first English settler within the bounds of modern Preston was Jonathan Brewster who acquired land from Uncas at the mouth of Poquetanuck Cove on the Thames River, later called Brewster’s Neck.
~ Town of Preston website

In Memory of
Mr. Jonathan Brewster
eldest son of
Elder Wm. Brewster:
Born in England.
Came to Plymouth
in 1621 & to New London
in 1648-9.
removed to this.
Brewsters Neck
in 1650.
History speaks of his acts.
Deceased AD.

Last month when we were out and about we located Brewster’s Neck Cemetery in Preston, two towns north of us. Jonathan & Lucretia lie buried in this plot, although the original gravestones have long since disappeared.

1.27.20 ~ entrance, Brewster’s Neck Cemetery

Tim’s 10th-great-grandfather, Jonathan Brewster, was born about 1593 in England, and died about 1660 in Preston (New London) Connecticut, son of William and Mary (—) Brewster. He married 10 April 1624, Lucretia Oldham, who was born about 1601 in England, and died 4 March 1671 in Preston, daughter of William and Philippa (Sowter) Oldham.

Jonathan arrived in Plymouth on 9 November 1621, on the Fortune and Lucretia arrived 10 July 1623, on the Anne. When they settled in Brewster’s Neck, near the Thames River, about 1650, it was part of New London. Preston was incorporated as a town in 1687, after their deaths.

Jonathan & Lucretia were the parents of eight children:

1. William Brewster, born 9 March 1625 in Plymouth (Plymouth) Massachusetts. He may have married and returned to England.

2. Mary Brewster (Tim’s 9th great-grandmother), born 16 April 1627 in Plymouth, died about 1698 in Scituate (Plymouth) Massachusetts. She married 12 November 1645, Eld. John Turner, who was born about 1620, and died 16 June 1697 in Scituate, son of Humphrey and Lydia (—) Turner. Mary & John were the parents of thirteen children.

3. Jonathan Brewster, born 17 July 1629 in Plymouth.

4. Ruth Brewster, born 3 October 1631 in Duxbury (Plymouth) Massachusetts, died 30 April 1677 in New London (New London) Connecticut. She married (as her first husband) 14 March 1651, John Pickett, who was born about 1629 and died 16 August 1667 at sea, son of John and Elizabeth (Ives) Pickett. Ruth & John were the parents of six children. Ruth married (as her second husband and as his first wife) 16 July 1668 in New London, Charles Hill, who was born about 1630 in England and died October 1684 in New London. Ruth & Charles were the parents of five children.

5. Capt. Benjamin Brewster, born 17 November 1633 in Duxbury, died 14 September 1710 in Norwich (New London) Connecticut. He married (as her second husband) 28 February 1659, Ann (Addis) Dart, who was born before 17 March 1628 and died 9 May 1709 in Norwich, daughter of William and Millicent (Wood) Addis, and widow of Ambrose Dart. Benjamin & Ann were the parents of eight children.

6. Elizabeth Brewster, born 1 May 1637 in Duxbury, died February 1708 in New London. She married 7 September 1653, Peter Bradley, who was born about 1634 and died 3 April 1662 at sea. Elizabeth & Peter were the parents of four children. After becoming a widow Elizabeth gave birth to a son out of wedlock with a married man, Christopher Christophers, who was born about 1631 in England and died 23 July 1687 in New London.

7. Grace Brewster, born 1 November 1639 in Duxbury, died 22 April 1684 in New London. She married 4 August 1659 in New London, Capt. Daniel Wetherell, who was born 29 November 1630 in England and died 14 April 1719 in New London. Grace & Daniel were the parents of five children.

8. Hannah Brewster, born 3 November 1641 in Duxbury, died 11 December 1711 in Groton (New London) Connecticut. She married (as her first husband) 23 December 1664 in New London, Samuel Starr, who was born about 1640 and died before 22 February 1688 in New London, son of Thomas and Rachel (—) Starr. Hannah & Samuel were the parents of four sons. Hannah married (as her second husband and as his second wife) before 8 May 1690, Capt. James Morgan, who was born 3 March 1643 in Roxbury-Boston (Suffolk) Massachusetts and died 8 December 1711 in Groton, son of James and Margery (Hill) Morgan.

Tim’s Brewster Line

Jonathan Brewster (1593-1659)
Mary Brewster (1627-1698)
Ezekiel Turner (1650-1704)
Grace Turner (1692-1784)
Ezekiel Minor (1723-1780)
Martin Minor (1750-1820)
William Minor (1788-1856)
Paulina Elizabeth Minor (1822-1898)
Elona Naomi Case (1853-1929)
Marion Case Raven (1883-1926)
Lenore Naomi Raven (Tim’s grandmother)

On the edge of the Brewster plot we found three more stones from the Norwich Ovoid Carver, mentioned in several previous posts. These belong to a son, daughter-in-law and grandson of Jonathan & Lucretia, not in Tim’s direct line. These stones are much harder to read than the ones in Groton, but thanks to the work of others at Find-A-Grave I was able to identify them.

10 AGE 77

Capt. Benjamin Brewster (1633-1710), son of Jonathan & Lucretia

The 9 1709

Ann (Addis) (Dart) Brewster (1628-1709), wife of Benjamin

1704 AGED 40

Jonathan Brewster (1664-1704), son of Benjamin & Ann

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15 thoughts on “Jonathan Brewster & Lucretia Oldham”

  1. Hello, I thought that Jonathan Brewster was the son of William and Mary who came on the mayflower

    1. Jonathan Brewster was indeed the son of Mayflower passengers William & Mary Brewster, but he didn’t come with them. According to Caleb Johnson at

      “Mary came to Plymouth on the Mayflower in 1620 with husband William, and her two youngest children Love and Wrestling. Mary was one of only five adult women to survive the first winter, and one of only four women to survive to the so-called “First Thanksgiving” in 1621. Son Jonathan Brewster joined the family in November 1621, arriving at Plymouth on the ship Fortune. Daughters Patience and Fear came on the ship Anne in 1623. Mary died in 1627 at Plymouth, having reached about the age of 60. Husband William survived her, and would live another 17 years before he died.”

      1. She was confused since the younger Jonathan Brewster was the older Jonathan and Ann Brewster’s grandson who died @ age 40 yrs. in 1704.

    2. The Jonathan Brewster who died in 1704 @ age 40 yrs. is the grandson of Jonathan Brewster and Ann Addis Dart Brewster. (The older grandfather Jonathan was the son of William and Mary Brewster). I know this because I am a descendant of them all!!!

  2. Hello, cousin!! It is amazing to me that your husband Tim and I are cousins through Jonathan Brewster!! I am descended thru the Elder Jonathan and Lucretia Oldham Brewster through their 5th child Capt. Benjamin Brewster!!! So, we are definitely distant cousins!!! I found your blog accidently and so happy I did!! 😊 Thank you for all you do to bring the Brewster lineage to life!!!

    1. Hi Cousin Ella! I’m thrilled that you found my blog and made the connection with Tim. 🙂 That’s part of the reason I create these posts, hoping someone else will be looking. Your ancestor Benjamin has such an interesting headstone in that cemetery — have you been there? The stone was carved by an unidentified person called “The Norwich Ovoid Carver.”
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  3. Do any of you have any information about John Oldham, Lucretia’s nephew. He was with Mad Jack Oldham when he was killed by the Pequot Indians. He arrives at the age of 12 in 1635 and marries his wife in Northumberland, Virginia in 1663. We’re trying to find anything connecting those years. Our theory is he was tagging along with his Uncle Jonathan but can’t find any documentation of this. Thank you!

    1. I’m sorry, Elizabeth, I have no information at all about the Oldhams or Lucretia’s siblings. I hope you find some answers, it sounds like an intriguing story might be there.

  4. Happy to have found your site. I too descend from Elder William Brewster & son Jonathan through daughter Mary Brewster Turner. Abundant blessings…🌺💜🌺

    1. Thank you, distant cousin, for stopping by! I do wonder how many living descendants of Jonathan & Lucretia there are… Many blessings to you, too!

      1. Jonathan and Lucretia Brewster are my 9th Great Grandparents. I am then descended from their daughter Ruth who married John Pickett.
        If there is any work that needs to be done such as cleaning stones I would love to help. I am currently working on some other ancestors stones in Canterbury. One thing I would live to find is Ruth’s grave. She isn’t listed anywhere except for having died in New London.

        1. Hi Jennifer, it’s always nice to hear from distant cousins! This cemetery looked pretty well tended when we visited in 2020. We moved to North Carolina last year so I have no idea what might need to be done there. Thank you for working on the stones of the ancestors. I do hope you can find Ruth’s grave some day, those brick walls can be so frustrating.

  5. Hello! I am a 9th GG of Jonathan and Lucretia via their daughter Ruth and John Pickett.
    I recently went to Brewsters Neck for the first time. Such a sad sight. Grass overgrown, stone fallen over and or sunken into the ground. Also their are military stones and only a few had new flags. This is especially sad since only 2 weeks ago it was memorial day.

    1. Hi again Jennifer! I’m sorry the cemetery was in such a sad state when you finally got a chance to visit. On our winter visit we didn’t see overgrown grass, of course. I wonder if the town hall in Preston could put you in contact with a local group looking after historic cemeteries.
      Perhaps this local newspaper article may be of interest to you:

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