Capt. James Morgan & Mary Vine

1.18.20 ~ Capt. James Morgan (1643-1711)
1.18.20 ~ Mary (Vine) Morgan (1641-1689)

Capt. James Morgan, my 8th-great-grandfather, son of James and Margery (Hill) Morgan, was born 3 March 1643 in Roxbury-Boston (Suffolk) Massachusetts, and died 8 December 1711 in Groton (New London) Connecticut. He married (as his first wife) in November 1666 in New London (New London) Connecticut, Mary Vine, who was born about 1641 and died 8 December 1689 in Groton.

James married (as his second wife and as her second husband) about 1690, Hannah (Brewster) Starr, who was born 3 November 1641 in Duxbury (Plymouth) Massachusetts, and died 11 December 1711 in Groton, daughter of Jonathan and Lucretia (Oldham) Brewster, and widow of Samuel Starr.

The following is from Genealogical & Biographical Record of New London County, Connecticut (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1905), 291

[Capt. James Morgan] was one of the first two deacons of the first church in Groton, was principal magistrate, and transacted the greater portion of the civil business in his vicinity for years. He was moderator of the first town meeting, and was first selectman of the town, and became captain of the first town band (militia) in 1692. In 1689 he was one of the deputies of the General Court from New London, for the new town of Groton in 1706, and for several years was a commissioner to advance and direct the Pequot tribe of Indians in the management of their affairs.

James & Mary were the parents of six children:

i. Dea. James Morgan, born 6 February 1667 in New London, died 4 May 1748 in Groton.

ii. Dea. William Morgan, born 4 March 1669 in New London, died 25 December 1750 in Groton. He married 1 July 1696 in Groton, Margaret Avery, who was born 7 February 1674 in New London, and died 28 July 1755 in Groton, daughter of James and Deborah (Stallion) Avery. William & Margaret were the parents of at least six children.

iii. Mary Morgan (my 7th-great-grandmother), born 20 March 1671 in New London, died 14 September 1765 in Stonington (New London) Connecticut. She married (as her first husband) 1 January 1695 in Groton, her stepbrother, Thomas Starr, who was born 27 September 1668 in New London, and died 30 January 1712 in Groton, son of Samuel and Hannah (Brewster) Starr. Mary & Thomas were the parents of seven children. Mary married (as her second husband and as his third wife) 14 December 1717, William Peabody, who was born 24 November 1664 in Duxbury (Plymouth) Massachusetts, and died 17 September 1744 in Little Compton (Newport) Rhode Island, son of William and Elizabeth (Alden) Peabody.

iv. Hannah Morgan, born 8 June 1674 in New London, died 21 April 1727 in Groton. She married 30 June 1698 in Groton, Capt. William Latham, who was born 9 July 1670 in New London, and died 5 November 1732 in Groton, son of Joseph and Mary (Blanchard) Latham. Hannah & William were the parents of six children.

v. Elizabeth Morgan, born 9 September 1678 in New London, died 18 September 1763 in Groton. She married (as her first husband) 12 January 1699 in New London, her stepbrother, Capt. Jonathan Starr, who was born 23 February 1674 in New London, and died 26 August 1747 in Groton, son of Samuel and Hannah (Brewster) Starr. Elizabeth & Jonathan were the parents of three children. Elizabeth married (as her second husband and as his second wife) about 1749, Dea. Thomas Adgate, who was born 16 March 1669 in Norwich (New London) Connecticut, and died there 10 December 1760, son of Thomas and Mary (Marvin) Adgate.

vi. Jerusha Morgan, born about 1682 in New London, died 2 June 1726. She married 22 April 1704, Nicholas Street, who was born 14 July 1677 in Wallingford (New Haven) Connecticut, and died 10 July 1733 in Groton, son of Samuel and Anna (—) Street.

My Starr & Morgan Line

Samuel Starr & Hannah Brewster /// Capt. James Morgan & Mary Vine

Thomas Starr & Mary Morgan (step-siblings from marriage of Hannah Brewster & Capt. James Morgan)

Rachel Starr (1705-1791)
Mary Denison (1728-?)
Elias Thompson (1773-1848)
Lucy Anne Thompson (1808-1852)
William Martin White (1836-1925)
Samuel Minor White (1873-1949)
John Everett White (my grandfather)

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  1. That is amazing that you have such detailed knowledge of your family tree. I am impressed by the detail on the headstones. They don’t even look worn !

    1. All the detailed knowledge is on my mother’s side. Even so, I was surprised to learn that I had ancestors who lived in the same town I live in now.

  2. Hello! Very detailed information on your family history. The Morgan line is part of my family. I would love to discuss the road block I’ve run into. Please contact me. Have a great week!

    1. Hi Miles. I’ve had problems with malicious links in the past so I’d rather not do email at this point. Perhaps you could tell me about your road block here. I don’t mind lenghty comments! I’ve also deleted your email address from your comment so you won’t get spammed.

      1. Barbara,
        I’ve been researching my family tree since about 2001 when my Dad thrust some papers into my hand and said, “Knock yourself out.” I’ve been diligently working on it since. Unfortunately, a Windows 10 update fried my external hard drive on which I was backing up my family genealogy information and, while I was able to save most of it, my 17,000+ person database was one of the casualties. Needless to say I’ve been working to recreate my family database using the information I had in either bookmarks or hard copy. My dilemma begins with James B Morgan, Sr. (b. 1607 – d. 1685) married Margery Hill (b. 1611 – d. 1690) in 1640. During my initial research years ago, I found the above mentioned couple having a son by the name of James B. Morgan, Jr. (b. 1645 – d. 1712). It goes on to say that he married Mary Vine (b. 1640-d. 1689) in Nov, 1666. Now here is the tricky part. In my subsequent research to rebuild my database, I’ve come across another James B. Morgan, Jr with the same parents, identical dates of birth and death but having married a Rachel Dymond (b. 1645 – d. 1690). Up until now, I’ve been using James B Morgan, Jr/Mary Vine in my database, mostly based on their daughter, Hannah Morgan (b. 1674 – d. 1727). The James B Morgan, Jr/Rachel Dymond family also have a daughter named Hannah, also born in 1674 but with no date of death or her married to William Latham. I came across your blog while researching whether or not James B Morgan, Jr married a second time and had issues, but given that both entries share some identical aspects (such as dates and issues), I’m finding that to be highly unlikely. Since my initial finding support Morgan/Vine, I’m going to leave them in my database for the time being. Do you perhaps have information on the issues of Capt. James B. Morgan, Jr and Mary Vine? I would appreciate any information you may have. Please feel free to contact me via email. Many thanks, Miles

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