12 thoughts on “nature’s secrets”

    1. Oh, Laurie, a 211 mile hike across Scotland sounds amazing, especially the idea of seeing countless numbers of deer along the way – a wonderful gift indeed!

    1. Oh Jane, if only I had a mantle I think I’d be off in no time on a search for a print of this painting!

    1. “Living beneath words…” The woodland animals offer that gift to us when we listen with our hearts more than our ears.

  1. Why does Emerson says that the men who know the most CAN say the least ? It’s as if he’s saying they are not permitted to speak. I don’t really “get” the quote …

    1. I would not dare to speak for Emerson, but I don’t think he’s saying the men are not permitted to speak, but that not many will listen to them if they do speak…

  2. Wow, what a magnificent painting! I thought the same as Sybil about the latter part of the quote, although the first is so true, the creatures know so much, yet can’t share it with us through words. Perhaps the knowledgable men choose to say the least.

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