"Take the Fair Face of Woman & Gently Suspending, With Butterflies, Flowers & Jewels Attending, Thus Your Fairy Is Made of Most Beautiful Things" by Sophie Gengembre Anderson
“Take the Fair Face of Woman & Gently Suspending, With Butterflies, Flowers & Jewels Attending, Thus Your Fairy Is Made of Most Beautiful Things” by Sophie Gengembre Anderson

The summer breeze was blowing on your face
Within your violet you treasure your summery words
And as the shiver from my neck down to my spine
Ignited me in daylight and nature in the garden
~ Van Morrison
♫ (In the Garden) ♫

"Sunflowers" by Claude Monet
“Sunflowers” by Claude Monet

I walk without flinching through the burning cathedral of the summer. My bank of wild grass is majestic and full of music. It is a fire that solitude presses against my lips.
~ Violette Leduc
(Call of the Wild: Quotes from the Great Outdoors)

Summer Solstice:
June 21, 2011, 1:16 p.m.
June 20, 2012, 7:09 p.m.

Litha ~ Midsummer

Emotion ~ Fairies ~ Fertility

Seasonal movie:
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Activities: Bonfire


22 thoughts on “Midsummer”

  1. …thus your fairy is made of most beautiful things.

    I’m so appreciating this wonderful painting and the images the words evoke. What a lovely way to begin the day 🙂

    Barbara, I really do love your blogs. They are a quiet and peace-full spot to rest and to be……

  2. Lovely different experiences of summer! We here in Seattle haven’t really started experiencing summer yet, but hope springs eternal, LOL!!!

    1. 🙂 I wonder if that means your spring weather lasts longer than your summer weather? Here we frequently complain that our spring weather doesn’t last very long, that we jump too quickly from winter to summer weather. I once read that your part of the continent is actually a temperate rainforest. Someday I hope to visit Seattle – it sounds so dreamy…

  3. Happy Summer Solstice, Barbara. The fairy especially was a beautiful choice to share…you can almost see the fairies as they flit like butterflies in the wildflowers.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the painting, Kathy. Butterflies and dragonflies – some of the fairies of summer wildflowers… Hope you had a good summer solstice, too!

  4. Hopefully, summer will join us soon. This is a day that seems somewhat sad to me each year, as now I feel the days getting shorter on the inexorable march to winter.

    But your post is beautiful.

    1. Thank you, but oh dear, try not to think too much about winter and the future! May you cherish every day of your summer, breathe it in and focus on the joy of warmth and sunshine and be in the present moment…

  5. I used to listen to that Van Morrison album so much – No Guru, No Method, No Teacher – happy days in Dublin.
    There’s a poem you might like by Francis Ledwidge, called August.

    1. Mystical, magical Van Morrison – I’m a big fan, too! His lyrics keep me spellbound. How wonderful it must be for you to live in his homeland… It’s one of my dreams to see him perform live some day…

      Thank you for introducing me to a new poet. It took me a few minutes to find the poem and I love it! Another book for my reading list… I have a feeling I’ll find a painting to post with Ledwidge’s poem in August…

    1. I wondered about that line, too, Rosie. The expression ‘burning with desire’ comes to mind. But is she desiring solitude? Or is solitude making her desire some company, someone to share the experience with?

    1. Thank you, Robin! I will have to scoot over to your blog soon to see your solstice post!

      We usually go up to my dad’s for a bonfire and cookout in my sister and brother-in-law’s garden, which we decorate with flower garlands and floating candles for the occasion, but it was just too much to pull off this year with Dad’s declining health…

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