a sigh of relief, holding my breath

Richard Blumenthal, West Hartford Library, Image: Sage Ross

Congratulations to Senator-Elect Richard Blumenthal!!! So there are enough people in Connecticut who were not swayed by Linda McMahon’s $50 million campaign of corporate arrogance… What a relief!! 🙂 For most of my adult life (20 years or so, I think) I’ve watched Blumenthal in the news on a regular basis as he did a fantastic job as Connecticut’s Attorney General, standing up to powerful corporations and defending the interests of the citizens of this state. Somehow it seems fitting that we had a chance to return the favor and help him fight off an opponent who was willing to spend so much money tearing him down.

And Joe Courtney trounced Janet Peckinpaugh for US Representative, so I’m very happy with who we’re sending to Washington.

But who will be our future governor? Dan Malloy is slightly ahead (by 631 votes) but it is too close to call. They ran out of ballots in Bridgeport yesterday — unbelievable. Last I knew they were counting makeshift ballots by hand. The suspense is frustrating…

Beverly had a unique way of dealing with the stress. At 10:30 or so last night I found her outside in the cold planting some bulbs for me! Woke up early this morning, still no call. Well, we’ll just have to wait. Breathe……..

2 thoughts on “a sigh of relief, holding my breath”

    1. Thank you, Cait! Finally yesterday Foley conceded the race to Dan Malloy, and was very gracious about it, for which I respect him. Turns out the registrar of voters in Bridgeport only ordered enough ballots for 1/3 of the 70,000 registered voters because on average only a third of them show up to vote in any given election. She said ballots cost 50 cents each and she was trying to save money. Still, I think a city should be obligated to provide a ballot for every registered voter. It’s being called the Ballot Blunder.

      But I am much happier now. Everyone I voted for won and since we haven’t had a liberal governor in 24 years I am full of hope for positive changes in my little blue state.

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