Cumberland Island I

Between the four of us (Nate, Shea, Tim & me) we took well over a thousand pictures with the new camera over our five-day visit to Georgia.  We kept taking turns getting shots and spent several evenings dazzled in front of the TV screen watching the digital slideshow of the day’s pictures.  It’s been difficult to choose which ones to share here on the blog!  If you would like, click on the pictures a larger view will come up.

Starting off here with our day at Cumberland Island National Seashore, a 45-minute ferry ride from St. Marys, Georgia.  Nate had the camera for most of this day so the majority of the shots are probably his.  It’s hard to remember who had the camera when, but, he most definitely took the one of the tiny lizard puffing out his throat (above) and we are all blown away over how well it came out!

We had hoped to see the wild horses but all we got to see of them was their droppings and hoof-prints.  However, the island was teeming with wildlife everywhere we looked, so there wasn’t much room for disappointment.

Atlantic Ocean

I will be posting more photos as time allows…