Independence Day

A special Thank You to my ancestors
who served in the War for Independence:

Nathaniel Shaw (1717-1800)

Isaac Weekes (1747-1792)

Seth Allen (1755-1838)

Samuel Cash (1758-1847)

…and to any and all who remain unknown for now…

2 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. I’m most impressed that you’ve studied your family tree back to the 1700′s and know the names of so many ancestors who fought in the war of Independence.

    • Thanks, Rosie. I’ve been doing genealogical research since I was a child. My mom’s side is pretty easy because they all stayed in Massachusetts, which kept good records. My dad’s side is a problem as his parents immigrated from Ukraine and they all insist that all the records were “burned in the War.” One of these days I’m going to start searching online, though. Things turn up all the time…

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