River Valley Farm

River Valley Farm created by Sandra Bender Fromson

Warren, a wee faerie of farming, lives in this house with his wife Elvina and children Lily and Eldon. The house was built by his grandfather with stones cleared from the farmland more than 100 years ago. Raised on the farm, Warren and his family continue the age-old traditions of working the land, growing vegetables, and tending the orchard. Elvina bakes pies using the enormous apples that grow in Miss Florence’s orchard. Although great for the delicious vegetables and fruit, the gardens and the orchard are favored painting locations for the artists as well.
(Wee Faerie Village: Land of Picture Making)

10 thoughts on “River Valley Farm”

  1. Such magical places that must’ve been a joy to create as they are to visit in person and through your sharing, Barbara. I should find a little place in the garden to do something like this next year. (Where the big old possums don’t trample everything … )

    1. Ah, one must indeed be wary of the potential havoc to be wreaked by oblivious big old possums and other impolite garden visitors. I wonder what measures fairies use to minimize that kind of damage to their dwellings? If you find a fairy house in your garden next year I hope you will paint a picture of it for us!

    1. Florence Griswold was the daughter of a sea captain who inherited her family’s mansion in Old Lyme, Connecticut. She eventually turned it into a retreat for artists and it became the center of the Lyme Art Colony. Her home is now an art museum and lovely garden, the Florence Griswold Museum: Home of American Impressionism. More info here: http://www.flogris.org/history_miss_florence.php

    1. It is remarkable how nature punctuates the design of her blanket with bright splotches of color, more often near the equator and more sparingly in the temperate zones…

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